The Soulful Thoughts Collection

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The “Soulful Thoughts” collection by Latam Wic (pronounced lah-tam-which) by Adoch, is an African-inspired collection of handmade stationery items such as notebook covers, journals, sketchbooks, planners, and more wrapped with authentic African and African inspired fabrics. They are MADE WITH LOVE and imperfectly perfect, therefore no two are alike. Most of the book covers are reusable and washable since the majority of the fabrics are hard to come by, which also makes them unique from one another and therefore cannot be duplicated exactly.

This collection was created to inspire healing and encourage self-expression boldly and beautifully. Included with each book is a daily gratitude and intentions journal instruction card. It is a great exercise to help change the way you view your life.

It challenges you, whether you are gifting it to yourself or to someone else, to write 5-10 things daily that you intend to do each day and 5-10 things nightly, that you are grateful for. Our personal favourite is 3-3-3-1; 3 personal goals for self-love, 3 career goals for economics, 3 for other people - community, and 1 miscellaneous. That way, you live life with purpose and intent and go to bed with a grateful heart. Ultimately, healing the world one page at a time.

We encourage you to "gift" it to someone else once it becomes a habit or a lifestyle. We recommend someone younger because the next generations are our future and hold each other accountable. Together we can help heal the world one page at a time. This makes it a perfect gift for yourself and those around you.

We offer various services such as our "Let's Wrap" events/sessions and "Made Just for You" customization options.
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Consists of all of our coverings for the head and face. This collection includes Wraps, Masks, Bonnets...
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She is unapologetically proud of her culture and is often seen wearing different styles of wraps and accessories.

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