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Meet Adoch B. Acemah

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Adoch B. Acemah is a creative professional who uses design to make positive impacts. With a wealth of experience, she excels in branding, visual identity, and product design, aiming for impactful and beautiful outcomes in all her work.

Through her company Latam Wic, Adoch provides a platform for individuals to express themselves and find solace through fashion and writing. Her designs exemplify the idea that fashion can be aesthetically appealing and meaningful. Latam Wic offers handmade collections inspired by Africa, featuring wraps, fashion items, travel accessories, journals, notebooks, and more. Each product is meticulously crafted by hand, promoting self-expression, healing, and inspiring people to embrace their uniqueness and discover purpose in their lives. Adoch's creations serve as a reminder to celebrate individuality and draw strength from personal journeys, whether it's clothing or accessories.

Adoch's travel experiences have given her a unique perspective on global issues, and her passion for mentoring others reflects her desire to help them reach their full potential. She uses her platform to create two separate presentations: Let's Wrap/Let's Unwrap, inspired by Latam Wic's "Cloth for Head" and "Soulful Thoughts" collections. The "Let's Be Intentional" presentation is a powerful project that encourages self-expression and healing through writing, gratitude, and intentional journaling. Meanwhile, the "Let's Wrap" presentation focuses on stylishly protecting one's personal crown.


Adoch's Latam Wic products are carefully designed to promote self-expression and healing in a bold and beautiful manner. By celebrating individuality, her creations inspire people to find meaning and purpose in their own lives. Whether it's clothing or accessories, each item serves as a reminder to draw strength and inspiration from personal journeys.


Adoch's inspiring dedication is a testament to her vision and passion for making a positive impact in the world.

Learn More About Latam Wic

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Consists of all of our coverings for the head and face. This collection includes Wraps, Masks, Bonnets...
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Be Present!
She is unapologetically proud of her culture and is often seen wearing different styles of headwraps
We offer various services such as our "Let's Wrap" events/sessions and "Made Just for You" customization options.
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