Latam Wic offers books make a great gift set. We challenge the buyer to gift one to someone else (preferably a younger person) and encourage them to write 3-5 things they are grateful for daily while holding them accountable as the do the same for the buyer. Gratitude journals help change ones mindset to be more positive, which can also helps heal the world one page at a time. Besides, a grateful attitude attracts more of what you want in life. 

Latam Wic also offers individual book covers that are reusable and washable.  You can request customized orders for Bibles, organizers or  any books you may have. Click here to contact Latam Wic for rates and available fabrics.

The "Soulful Thoughts" Collection

The “Soulful Thoughts” collection by Latam Wic created by Adoch. It includes hand-made journals, notebooks, and sketchbooks wrapped with authentic African fabrics. They are MADE WITH LOVE and imperfectly perfect, therefore no two are alike.