Adoch B. Acemah was born in Kampala, Uganda (also known as the Pearl of Africa) but was blessed to live in various different countries. Living and traveling in different countries has brought Adoch a world of broad experience and opportunities. These opportunities combined with her educational background in International Business Relations, Marketing, and Information Systems Programming enabled her to successfully manage clubs, record labels, and security teams. Her years of working in the entertainment industry groomed her vast organizational skills and great attention to detail, thus also making her an excellent event planner and coordinator.


Standing at 6’0” ft. tall, Adoch’s statuesque physique commands attention when she enters any room. Naturally, her professional international modeling career gave her the ability to sell any product. In addition to her striking features, her multi-faceted intelligence manages to capture an array of various audiences virtually making Adoch a walking billboard. This allows her to be a valuable asset ready to complement your team and/or enhance your product or merchandise.

Currently, Adoch is the proud sole owner of her growing company, Latam Wic. Latam Wic (pronounced lah-tam-which) and translates to “cloth for head”) is an African inspired collection of head wraps, stationary items, fashion and travel accessories. Each one of her products is made by hand with lots of love. The line was created to encourage self-expression and healing in a bold yet beautiful way. Through her platform, she invokes the healing of the world by writing with intention and gratitude and by living with purpose. Adoch has dedicated herself to mentoring children and young adults in different organizations through classes and speaking engagements. Her ambition in life has always been to help others achieve their dreams by sharing the gifts she’s been blessed with.


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