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The Company and The Vision

The Company: Latam Wic

Latam Wic offers handmade products created with love from African fabric by Adoch. Its purpose is to encourage individuality, inspire strength, and draw inspiration from one's personal journey. Each item is aesthetically pleasing and meaningful.

The company's products include wraps, journals, accessories and more. Each item is intentionally designed to promote self-expression, healing, and the cultivation of one's purpose.

Latam Wic also provides presentations/classes on head wrapping and intentional/gratitude journaling to balance personal, community, and economic growth.

Empowerment For Change

Cultivating positive change, healing, and collective transformation by providing tools, and resources, and fostering accountability for individuals to make a meaningful impact in their communities and beyond. Creating a fair, empathetic, and sustainable world through personal and collective healing, inspiring hope, resilience, and connection for a brighter future.

Additionally, donating books, supplies, and resources to schools and community centres globally, to educate, feed, clothe, and empower the youth.


Learn More About Latam Wic

We offer various services such as our "Let's Wrap" & Let's Be Intentional' presentations,  "Made Just for You" customization options and styling.
Cloth for Head_edited.jpg
Consists of all of our coverings for the head and face. This collection includes Wraps, Masks, Bonnets...
Adoch Latam Wic.jpg
She is unapologetically proud of her culture and is often seen wearing different styles of wraps and accessories.

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