The Cloth for Head Collection

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The "Cloth for Head" Collection consists of all of our coverings for the head and face. This collection includes Wraps, Masks, Bonnets, Turbans, Therapeutic Eye pillows, and still growing.

Our wraps are not only an accessory but are used to help uplift individuals in a world that tends to be focused on physical beauty, hair, and overall appearance, it's a lifestyle. They are also a part of many cultures, and some cultures believe in the face is more important as a place of beauty than the body. The vibrant colours and styles from the Latam Wic fabric selection tend to draw focus towards the beauty of the face.

The "Cloth for Head" collection is a stylish way to protect your hair and skin from the elements or when you don't want to do much to your mane. 

Our Wraps, Bonnets, and Head Turbans (coming soon), are an excellent alternative to wigs or extensions, and for individuals who may be having issues with their own natural hair due to health.

In addition, Masks are available. Add a bit of colour by adding one of our pieces to make a fashion statement.

Further tutorials will be “Let’s Wrap” events upon request to give small groups and “One-on-One” hands-on instructions. This is a great opportunity to mix and mingle with other like-minded individuals.

An introduction to the Wrap lifestyle and also gives you hands-on instructions in a group or individual setting.
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Soulful Thoughts

An African-inspired collection of handmade stationery items such as notebook covers, journals, and more...
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Be You!
She is unapologetically proud of her culture and is often seen wearing different styles of wraps and accessories.

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