Latam Wic - Head Wraps

Latam Wic” (Acholi) translates to "Cloth for Head" in English.


Head wraps are a part of many cultures, therefore “Latam Wic” is not only an accessory but it is used to help uplift individuals in a world that tends to be focused on physical beauty, hair and overall appearance, it's a lifestyle.

Many cultures believe that the face is more important as a place of beauty than the body, therefore the vibrant colors and styles “Latam Wic” tends to draw focus towards the face.


Latam Wic”  is also used to protect your hair from the elements or when you don't want to do much to your mane.  It is an excellent  alternative to  hair wigs or extensions for individuals who may be having issues with their own natural hair due to health issues, or they just make to a fashion statement by adding a bit of color.


Each wrap comes with instructions. Further tutorials will be available online at and via monthly newsletters. There will also be “Let’s Wrap” events upon request to give small groups “one-on-one” hands on instructions and an opportunity to mingle with other like minded individuals.