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Adoch B. Acemah was born in Kampala, Uganda (also known as the Pearl of Africa) but is blessed to have experienced life in many other countries and cultures. Living and travelling in different countries has brought Adoch a world of broad experiences and opportunities. Standing at over 6’0” ft. tall, Adoch’s statuesque physique commands attention when she enters any room. Naturally, her professional international modelling career gave her the ability to sell products and enhance brand awareness.

She is unapologetically proud of her culture and is often seen wearing different styles of headwraps, which is how she got the nickname “The Headwrap Queen”. After years of being asked about her wraps, she decided it was time to give the people what they wanted and founded Latam Wic (pronounced lah-tam-which) and translates to “cloth for head”). It is an African-inspired collection of wraps, stationery items, fashion, travel accessories and much more. Each of the products are handmade by her with lots of love.

The Latam Wic Collections, are created to encourage self-expression and healing in a bold yet beautiful way. Through her platforms, she invokes the healing of the world by writing with intention and gratitude exercises, and by living with purpose. Adoch has dedicated herself to mentoring children and young adults through various organizations, providing classes and speaking engagements. Her ambition in life has always been to help others achieve their dreams by sharing the gifts she’s been blessed with.

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Consists of all of our coverings for the head and face. This collection includes Wraps, Masks, Bonnets...
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Be Present!
She is unapologetically proud of her culture and is often seen wearing different styles of headwraps
We offer various services such as our "Let's Wrap" events/sessions and "Made Just for You" customization options.